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Website Design
Clean. Sexy. Manageable.

Veritas Technologies offers effective web design solutions for all types of businesses. We provide a vast range of web site design services from design to web application programming. Our sites can be as simple or complex as needed. We offer features such as a customized CMS and shopping carts.


Design. Document. Survey.

We are a team of professionals providing expert implementation services based on years of experience in the Telecom and Enterprise community. We have built large complex networks utilizing a vendor neutral approach to ensure our customers receive the right solution at the right price. Today, Veritas Technologies continually puts our Network Engineers to the test, building and operating networks to meet the stringent demands of our customers.


Experienced. Credentialed.

Veritas Technologies has the experience necessary to design, engineer, and support the most demanding needs of your network. From metro Ethernet provider Points of Presence and corporate data centers, to network backbones, we’ll help you identify solutions that combine performance, carrier-class availability, enhanced security, and simplified management.

Put the Veritas team to work on your network today and have less anxiety about tomorrow.



Phone: (701) 446-8493
Email: sales@veritas-tech.net
Address: PO Box 6409, Fargo, ND 58109